The Web Beetle Poll - Step 1 of 5

Insect enthusiasts,

We are a French research group interested in the Japanese culture. We chose to focus on stag beetles owners and collectors, as this passion seems very strong in Japan. We want to write an article to show how this passion is really important and amazing. Could you please help us understand your motivations by answering to this very short questionnaire (it takes only two minutes and it’s anonymous). Thank you !

To begin, here are just four quick questions of general order:




  • What is your sex? あなたの性別を教えてください。
    • Male 男性
    • Female 女性
  • What is your age? あなたは何歳ですか?
    • <13 years old 12歳以下
    • 13-25 years old 13歳~25歳
    • 26-50 years old 26歳~50歳
    • >50 years old 51歳以上
  • You are a collector of: あなたは何の収集家ですか
    • stag beetles クワガタムシ
    • other plants/animals その他の植物/動物
    • objects (stamps, coins...) 物(切手、コインなど)
    • nothing 何も集めていない
  • You own one or several living animals: あなたは生きている動物を飼っていますか?
    • stag beetles クワガタムシ
    • other animals その他の動物
    • dogs, cats, and other domestic animals 犬や猫、家畜など
    • nothing 何も飼っていない

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